by Detractors

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Live studio recording performed 7/25/16.


released August 9, 2016

Drew - bass
Greg - guitar / vocals
Johnny - drums
Ryan - guitar

Engineered and mixed by Johnny Betts, cover design by Ryan Kummer, songs by Greg Neil



all rights reserved


detractors Salt Lake City, Utah

Put Pixies, Television, Mission of Burma, and Sleater-Kinney in a blender and what do you get? A bloody mess. Is that what Detractors sounds like? No. Detractors does not sound like the flesh being ripped from the bones of your idols. Detractors has the usual gripes… greed, abuse of power, etc… Does singing about it make a difference? Probably not, but it sure is cathartic. ... more

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Track Name: Red Zone
We were nearly out of fuel
We found a planet in the red zone
The locals greeted us with bombs and guns
We laughed so hard we crushed their bones

We scorched and cracked the land
We filled our ship with rocks and grass
We’re off to market with our plunder
We’re gonna score a ton of cash

Nothing finer
Than a miner
Fly through space
Make your place
We have things
We are kings
Songs of death we sing

Space is infinite eternal
No end to growth no end to capital
We’ve got a great mission statement
Our heart is black but our branding’s gold
Track Name: Siren Song
There are beats
In the streets
Look away
Everything is AOK

Learn to hide the common thread
When they try
Turn their eyes from all their dead

Sing along
Siren song
They're not strong
They'll forget the head is wrong
Track Name: Power and Girls
Look here, I’ve got a gift
You can check my bona fides
I’ll find you buried treasure
As sure as we’re alive
In the end won’t cost you much
When you’re swimming in the gold
Hire me now before your neighbor does
And watch my visions unfold

Give me wisdom and sight
Make me mighty and right
Show me diamonds and pearls
Give me power and girls

This is the place to dig
My stone has told me so
No talking while we work
Or we’ll be left out in the cold
I see it with my spirit eyes
An angel standing guard
The spell is thick, but don’t despair,
I’m held in high regard

You should have known when you hired me
Your soul had to be pure
The ground has gotten slippery
The treasure gone for sure
Only the righteous can obtain
The riches of the earth
Call on me another time
When you’ve washed away the dirt